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Last Updated: Oct 28, 2014

After Jan. 31st, 2014, Sprint customers will no longer have access email accounts through the Sprint Mobile Email app. The Sprint Mobile Email app was originally made available on certain older feature phones and PDAs to maximize email accessibility. As such, this change does not apply to smartphones such as Android, iPhone and Blackberry devices. Please scroll to the bottom of this article for a list of devices affected by this change. 
Please note: This change does not mean you will lose your email account. Instead, you will simply need to choose one of the many alternative methods of accessing your email account on your mobile phone. One way is via your phone’s web browser, and another is by downloading a different email app to replace Sprint Mobile Email. Or, you may take this opportunity to upgrade to a smartphone for an enhanced email and overall user experience. 
Web Browser Access
Most email accounts can be accessed from your phone’s web browser by simply pointing it to the same website address you would normally visit to access email from your computer. Some email providers offer mobile-optimized portals for email access. 
The following is a list of some of the most popular email providers and how to access an account from your mobile browser. 
Please contact your email provider directly for specific information and assistance in accessing your email account from a mobile browser. 
Main Menu > Web > Type the desired website address into the browser’s address bar






  • Mail2Web (a third-party webmail retrieval service):
    • Enter Email Address and Password


  • Outlook Web App (a Microsoft Exchange webmail service)
    • OWA addresses vary – please contact your IT department directly if your company uses Outlook for mail
Other Email Applications (via the GetJar app store)
You can also access your email account from other mobile applications in lieu of Sprint Mobile Email or the web browser. Applications are available for download on most mobile phones through the Get Jar website. Pathways to GetJar may vary by device, but here are some of the most common:
Main Menu > Web > type into the web browser
Main Menu > My Stuff > Applications > Get New > Downloads > Free Apps From Get Jar
Main Menu > Shopping > Free Apps From Get Jar
If the message, “GetJar does not recognize your phone. Please choose your platform” appears on your device screen, please select the appropriate platform from the given list. Examples include Java (J2ME) for feature phones and Palm for PDAs.
Two paths to find applications from the GetJar homepage:
GetJar Home page > Categories > Social & Messaging Applications > scroll to Email 
Select an application such as Yahoo!, Gmail or any number of other email apps > Download
Use the search bar on the GetJar Home page to find a particular email application by name 
Once downloaded, the applications will reside on the mobile phone. 
To open the application:
Main Menu > My Stuff > Applications > select the downloaded email application
The following is a list of devices which utilized Sprint Mobile Email: 
Manufacturer Name
Audiovox / HTC PPC-6800
Audiovox / HTC PPC-6600 / 6601 / M2000 (Harrier)
Audiovox / HTC / UT Starcom PPC-6700 (Apache)
HTC Touch
LG Rumor Touch
LG Rumor Reflex
LG Remarq
LG Lotus Elite
LG Rumor 2
LG Lotus
LG LX370
LG Rumor
LG LX290
LG LX400
LG Muziq
LG Fusic
LG Rumor Reflex S
LG 160
LG LX 360
LG PM-225
Motorola V950e
Motorola Renegade
Motorola RAZR VE
Motorola RAZR
Motorola KRZR
Motorola i335
Motorola Clutch
Motorola i560
Motorola i576
Motorola i580
Motorola i776
Motorola Debut
Motorola i860
Motorola i870
Motorola Stature
Motorola ic402 (Racer Lite)
Motorola ic602
Motorola Deluxe
Motorola RAZR2
Palm Centro
Palm Treo 755p
Palm Treo 700p
Palm Treo 650
Palm Treo 600
Samsung Trender
Samsung Seek
Samsung Instinct
Samsung Restore
Samsung Exclaim
Samsung Instinct S30
Samsung Rant 
Samsung Reclaim
Samsung Array
Samsung Instinct HD
Samsung Array SAYG
Samsung Highnote
Samsung Lumina
Samsung M300
Samsung Z400
Samsung A640
Samsung A900
Samsung M500
Samsung M510
Samsung M610
Samsung A900M
Samsung A920
Samsung A840
Samsung A660
Samsung M220
Samsung A700
Samsung A940
Samsung i500
Samsung i600
Sanyo / Kyocera Brio
Sanyo / Kyocera SCP-2700
Sanyo / Kyocera SCP-3810
Sanyo / Kyocera Incognito
Sanyo / Kyocera Innuendo
Sanyo / Kyocera Sanyo Pro700
Sanyo / Kyocera Katana Eclipse X
Sanyo / Kyocera Katana DLX
Sanyo / Kyocera Sanyo Pro200
Sanyo / Kyocera Katana LX
Sanyo / Kyocera Katana
Sanyo / Kyocera Katana II
Sanyo / Kyocera Katana Eclipse
Sanyo / Kyocera 3200
Sanyo / Kyocera 3100
Sanyo / Kyocera MM8400
Sanyo / Kyocera 2300 Loft
Sanyo / Kyocera MM8300
Sanyo / Kyocera 8200
Sanyo / Kyocera M1
Sanyo / Kyocera MM7400
Sanyo / Kyocera MM7500
Sanyo / Kyocera MM5600
Sanyo / Kyocera MM9000


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