Access Sprint Family Locator from My Sprint

Last Updated: Nov 19, 2013

To access Sprint Family Locator on, you will need to sign into My Sprint with a valid username and password. Once signed in, click on the My Device & Media tab, then scroll to the tile ribbon and click the Family Locator tile

If you are a subscriber:

  1. Click on Open Family Locator.
  2. A new encrypted window will open that allows you to manage the phones you have on the plan.

If you are not a subscriber:

  1. Click on Try it for free.
  2. A new encrypted window will open that allows you to try the service for free.

*Sprint Family Locator subscribers may notice reduced location accuracy when attempting to locate an Apple iPhone. The iPhone platform does not allow Sprint Family Locator to leverage GPS in the same manner as other devices. We are working to improve location accuracy on the iPhone by means of a free, downloadable application that we expect to be available in early 2013. Parents and/or account owners who subscribe to Sprint Family Locator can still use their Apple iPhone to locate other phones on their account by visiting and signing in.

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