Access Total Account Registration on My Sprint

Last Updated: Nov 19, 2013

If you have administrator access you may register any unregistered phones on your My Nextel account. Registered phones are not displayed in the Total Account Registration tool.

To register or manage a phone on Total Account Registration:

  1. Sign into My Sprint at with your username and password.
    • You must be an account administrator to access Total Account Registration.
  2. Click the My Preferences tab, under Things I Can Manage Online, click the Total Account Registration link.
    • The Total Account Registration main page opens.
  3. The email address on record for the Authorized Administrator will appear. Registration results will be emailed to this address. To change this email address, click Update email address.

You may select several activities within the Total Account Registration page:

  • Enter New Total Account Registration Request: To begin registering multiple phones, select an account number from the drop-down list and click Continue.
  • View Completed Total Account Registration Requests: If in the past 30 days you have registered phones, the accounts will be shown below. Click the account number to view a summary of your registration results for that account on the date displayed.

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