Add Total Equipment Protection for your devices

Last Updated: Mar 10, 2015

Total Equipment Protection combines the Equipment Replacement Program (ERP) covering lost, stolen, physical or liquid damage, and the Equipment Service & Repair Program (ESRP) that covers mechanical/electrical problems, failure from normal wear and tear, and routine device maintenance.

To add Total Equipment Protection for your devices, it must be added to your device within 30 days of activation or upgrade. See an in-store Sprint representative or contact Asurion at 1-800-584-3666 to enroll.

After 30 days, a Phone Repair Center can add Total Equipment Protection if you bring it in for paid store repair. You can also add Total Equipment Protection to 10 or more lines on the same account at the same time whenever you like.

If you do not sign up during these options, no additional coverage options are available, although reliable service and repair is available on a per-incident basis at Sprint Phone Repair Centers. Use our online Sprint Store Locator to find the nearest Phone Repair Center.

Visit for more information about Total Equipment Protection.

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