Add an http:// or https:// address as a Microsoft Exchange email on your Palm Pre

Last Updated: Sep 15, 2015

To use an http:// address for Exchange ActiveSync email on your Pre, as well as https:// (also known as Secure Socket Layer, which provides extra security for your account):

  1. Tap the email icon (circled in red).

  2. If you've already set up email accounts, you'll see a list of your accounts. Tap Email in the upper left corner to display a dropdown list, and then tap Preferences & Accounts from the dropdown.
  3. The first thing you see on the next screen is All Flagged. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and tap Add an Account.
  4. Enter your email address and password and tap Sign in.
  5. Your Pre will try to sign in for a minute or two, and then you will see the message Unable To Sign In. Tap OK.
  6. On the next screen, tap Manual Setup.
  7. On the Add an Account screen, choose Exchange (EAS) for your mail type. Your email address and password should already be populated from what you entered previously.
  8. The other fields under Incoming Mail Server are specific to yourExchange email account. You'll need to get this information from your company, organization or internet provider.
  9. As stated earlier, you can now use http:// (non-SSL addresses) as well as https:// for your incoming mail server. Https:// will be pre populated for you, but you can easily backspace over this to change it to http://.
  10. Finally, tap Sign in again to complete the setup.
  11. If the setup is a success, you'll land on the Preferences & Accounts screen. There, you should see Exchange added to your list of emails. Tap Exchange to set your preferences for how many emails you get, your alerts for this account, etc.
  12. If you get an error message that says the mail server could not be validated, it could be from mistyping the server address or domain. But it also could be that your company has to give you permission to access their email server. If that's the case, you need help from an email administrator at your company. (Sprint won't be able to help you with that particular issue.)

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