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Last Updated: Aug 25, 2015

You can quickly and easily change your service add-ons via My Sprint without extending your contract or additional fees. Not registered for My Sprint? Sign up here.

To add or remove service add-ons, you must have a valid My Sprint account and be set up with an account owner or account authorized profile. If you are not an account owner and do not have permission to change settings on your account, you will not have permissions to change your add-ons. Read more about the different levels of profile access on here.

Add-ons vary depending on the type of device you have. Here are examples of add-ons that might be available for your device:

  • International Dialing Capability
  • Sprint Family Locator
  • Messaging
  • Sprint Navigation
  • Total Equipment protection

Note: If you don't see the add-on you are looking for, click the Chat link at the top of the page and ask the agent if the add-on is available.

To add, change or remove services to your plan online:

  1. Sign in to My Sprint with a valid username and password at
  2. Scroll to the right-hand section labeled I want to and click Change my services.
  3. Select the device that you want to change services for and click Change service add-ons.
  4. On the Service add-ons page, select the services you would like to add or remove and then click Save.

Note: Some add-ons are included in your plan and cannot be removed without changing your plan. These will display with gray check boxes next to them and you will not be able to unclick the checkbox.

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