Back up your downloaded music files

Last Updated: Nov 18, 2013

Back up your downloaded music files 
When you purchase and download a music file from the Sprint Music Plus, you get one version of the song to download, and it can only be played on your phone.
Sprint recommends you backup your music files to your computer so you can access the files in case your memory card is lost or damaged or if you install a new memory card.
NOTE: If you have the Sanyo MM-7500 phone, you may need to download the Sprint Music Plus Backup Application software in order to transfer your downloaded music files to your computer.
To back-up your downloaded music files:
1.Connect your phone to your computer using a USB cable or the built-in connection on Bluetooth-enabled phones
2.Use your computer to navigate to the music folder on your phone
3.Select and copy the music files to a folder on the hard drive on your computer
NOTE: Although you can store these files on your computer, they will only be playable on your phone or compatible mp3 player or device. If you copy the files to a new memory card, you will need to create a folder on the card called MUSIC to be able to play the music files.


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