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Last Updated: Nov 18, 2013

  1. From log in to the Manage section of their account.
  2. Click the Sprint Digital Lounge link from the bottom of the page.
  3. The Digital Lounge tab Overview page displays featuring content from a variety of categories.
    • To view more content for a specific category, click the View All link for that category.
    • To view content for a specific zone, media type or product, click the desired path/link.
    • You can select content you wish to purchase.
  4. After selecting the content, the following information displays:
    • A description of the premium content downloadable application you’re about to buy.
    • The length of time you will have use of the application before it expires.
    • Size of the download (for example: 64 KB).
    • The purchase price either for a single purchase, recurring subscription, or both.
  5. Click either:
    • Buy it now to purchase.
      • After selecting Buy it now, you’ll get a text message on your phone and will see a confirmation page.
      • You can then begin the download by using the link in the text message. The downloadable application can be found in the customer My Content Manager section after the download completes.
    • Select Cancel to return to the Digital Lounge and continue browsing or to purchase other content.
  6. To use the content or application purchased, you must first load the application from My Content Manager to your phone. To do that:
    • Select the Download link embedded in the text that was sent to your phone. The downloadable application can be found in your My Content Manager section in My Sprint® after the download completes.
    • Click the application or content and you will see the option to send the text message link to the phone to download your purchase to your phone.

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