Buy games, ringers, screen savers and applications using your phone

Last Updated: Nov 18, 2013

  1. From your phone's main menu, scroll to and select Downloads
  2. Then, select Ringers, Screen Savers, Games or Applications
  3. Select Get New. The browser will launch and take you to the download menu.
  4. Use the Navigation key to highlight and select an item you wish to purchase. Scroll to view the following:
    • Featured: a sample of popular or new content
    • Categories: groups of content sorted by type
    • Search: specific content for which you can search
  5. From the item information page, select Buy. If the item is free, the button says Get. Download in progress appears, and then notification appears when it is complete.
  6. Select whether to use your new content right away or shop for more items.

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