Change the credit card or debit card used for automatic payments

Last Updated: Nov 18, 2013

Note: If you have an unpaid balance on your account, your payment will be withdrawn automatically when you enroll or update your credit or debit card information. Account verification occurs immediately.

You must have an account owner profile to make changes to billing or payment information online. Read more about the different levels of profile access on

To change the credit card or debit card used for automatic payments via My Sprint:

  1. Sign in to My Sprint with a valid username and password.
  2. Click the My preferences tab.
  3. Scroll down to the All about my account section and click AutoPay.
  4. Select Change my AutoPay info.
  5. Click to select an ATM/debit/credit card or bank account to make changes to.
  6. Edit your card type, name on card, billing Zip code, card number, expiration date or security code.
  7. Click Submit.
  8. Agree to the terms and conditions, and click Authorize.
  9. Review your payment information and click Authorize.
  10. You will see a payment confirmation screen.

Note: If you are using an American Express Prepaid Reward Card from a rebate as a form of payment, you can process the payment as a credit card, but cannot use it to make recurring payments. If you attempt to make a payment that is more than the balance on the card, the payment will decline and funds will be held for 8 days before they are released.


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