Check voicemail with Google Voice integration

Last Updated: Nov 16, 2013

When you use Google Voice with your Sprint number, your voicemail will no longer be managed by Sprint; all voicemail and functions will be managed by Google Voice. This brings advanced features to your voicemail, however you will no longer be able to use Visual Voicemail on Sprint phones that include that feature.

Call your Google number from any phone, press the * key during your voicemail greeting, and enter your four-digit passcode.

If you dial your number from any phone for which you've selected to connect directly to voicemail in the Phones tab of your Google Voice settings, your other phones won't ring and you'll be connected directly to your Google voicemail where you may need to enter your PIN based on the options you've selected in the Voicemail Access section of your Phones tab settings.

Sign in to Google Voice and check your Inbox. Click the play button under the picture of you contact to listen to your message.

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