Clear a voicemail alert that is still there when you have no messages

Last Updated: Nov 18, 2013

To clear a voicemail message alert on your phone when you do not have any new messages:

  1. Power the phone off, leave it off for 60 seconds, and then power the phone back on. Note: For Motorola Q phones leave it turned off for 2 minutes.
  1. Access the Messaging menu in your phone, and Save or Delete all messages. This includes the following types of messages: Text, Picture Mail, Premium Messages, Voice SMS and Instant Messages/e-mail.
  1. Access your voicemail, play the messages, and then save or delete all messages.
  2. Call your mobile number from another phone, leave a message in the mailbox, listen to it, and then delete it. This should remove the Message Waiting Icon (MWI).
  3. Place a test call to 1-888-546-0314, and after you hear the message "Thank you for calling Sprint. Your service is now active", end the call.

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