Connect your Sprint 4G Desktop Modem to your wireless router

Last Updated: Apr 27, 2016

You can connect your Sprint 4G Desktop Modem to your wireless router the same way you did with your previous provider.

  1. Replace your previous modem with your Sprint 4G Desktop Modem
  2. Turn off your Sprint 4G Desktop Modem and your wireless router
  3. Connect the two devices with an Ethernet cable
  4. Power up your Sprint 4G Desktop Modem first, and then power up your wireless router
  5. Connect your computer and browse the Internet

If this does not work, connect your Sprint 4G Desktop Modem directly to your computer by plugging the Ethernet cable from the Desktop Modem directly into your computer and then reboot your computer. Once your computer reboots, test to see if you can browse the Internet. If you can, then your Desktop Modem is working properly.

If you can browse the Internet with your computer connected directly to the Desktop Modem but not when connected to the router, then:

  1. Make sure your wireless router is at least 4 feet from your Sprint 4G Desktop Modem.
  2. Check that the cables are in the correct port, with the Ethernet from the modem plugged into the Internet/WAN port on the router.
  3. Check that your wireless connection on the computer is enabled.
  4. Check that your wireless router is using IP addresses other than 192.168.15.x. This is the default IP range for the Desktop Modem, and if your router uses the same IP address range, the connection will fail. Change the IP address range in your wireless router to something other than 192.168.15.x (for instance, 192.168.14.x).
  5. If all of this is correct, try doing a hard reset on your router by following the instructions provided by the manufacturer. This typically involves holding the small reset button usually found in the back of the router for a period of time.

If you are still having problems or you cannot browse with your Desktop Modem connected directly to your computer, plesae contact Sprint Customer Care or the manufacturer of your router.

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