Conserve battery life on your Samsung Galaxy S III

Last Updated: May 16, 2014

Steps to conserve battery life on your Samsung Galaxy S III

  1. From the home screen, tap the Menu key.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. From the My device tab, tap Display.
  4. Tap Brightness.
  5. Tap to uncheck Automatic brightness and drag the Brightness level slider to the lowest comfortable setting.
  6. Tap OK.
  7. Scroll to and tap Screen timeout.
  8. Tap the lowest preferred timeout.
  9. Using a live wallpaper can drain the battery faster. Scroll to and tap Wallpaper.
  10. Tap the preferred option.
  11. Tap Wallpapers.
  12. Scroll to a wallpaper image and tap Set wallpaper. When finished, tap the Back key twice.
  13. From the Connections tab, ensure the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and NFC sliders are toggled to OFF.
  14. Tap More networks
  15. Tap Mobile networks.
  16. Tap Connections optimizer.
  17. Ensure Connections Optimizer is checked. When finished, press the Home key.
  18. Leaving GPS on when not in use can drain the battery faster. To disable GPS, tap and drag down on the notification bar.
  19. Tap Location to disable GPS. When finished, press the Home key.
  20. Stopping running applications can help conserve battery life. From the home screen, press and hold the Home key.
  21. Tap and drag an application to the left or right to close it. To close all applications, tap the Task Manager icon and tap End or End all, then tap OK.
  22. From the Settings menu, tap the Accounts tab.
  23. Tap an account.
  24. Tap to check or uncheck synchronization options. Once finished, tap the Back key twice.
  25. Turning off vibration for notifications can improve battery life. From the My device tab, tap Sound.
  26. To turn vibrate off for ringtones and notifications, tap to uncheck Vibrate when ringing.
  27. To turn vibrate on or off for the system, scroll to and tap to uncheck Haptic feedback, then tap the Back key.
  28. From the My device tab, scroll to and tap Power saving mode.
  29. Tap the Power saving mode slider to ON.
  30. Tap to check and enable the preferred power saving options, then press the Home key.
  31. Charging the handset on a regular basis will maximize the battery life. The charger/connectivity port is located on the bottom of the handset. Plug the charger into the power socket and then connect it to the handset.
  32. The handset is now configured to conserve battery life.

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