Create a new account from your desktop

Last Updated: Nov 18, 2013

  1. Sign on to the BlackBerry Internet Service Client.
  2. Select Create a New Account.

  1. Type in your PIN or IMEI/ESN.
    • To locate this information on your device, select Options > Status.
  2. Agree to the legal terms and conditions.
  3. On the next screen, type your first and last name, your company and other contact information; select Submit.
  4. Create User ID, a friendly name (it appears in the From field of your messages) a password and secret question in case you need to reset your password; select Submit.
  5. If you want to integrate an external ISP e-mail account, select Integrate Now.
    • If not, select Enter Internet Service (you can go back and integrate your ISP e-mail accounts at any time).

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