Create safety checks in Sprint Family Locator

Last Updated: Nov 18, 2013

Safety Checks in Sprint Family Locator allow you to set a day and time to automatically locate a family member's phone. For example, you can set a Safety Check for 4 p.m. each weekday to make sure your child gets home safely from school. Once you create a Safety Check, Sprint Family Locator will locate your family member and send their location via email or text.

Create a Safety Check

  1. From the home screen of Sprint Family Locator, click the Safety Checks tab
  2. Click the Safety Checks link for the family member you want to check
  3. Choose the place where you expect your family member to be at the time you will set in the Safety Checks. If you haven't created any places, select New Place and you will be able to set one.
  4. Select the time and day of the week at which to locate your family member and click Continue. You can select multiple days for a Safety Checks.
  5. Select to receive a text or email with your family member's location information. You also may choose to enter an additional email address.
  6. Note: By default, Safety Checks only tell you when you family member's phone is NOT at a specific place at a certain time. If you also would like to know whether your family member's phone IS at a specific place, check the box that says Also send messages when a family member is near place.
  7. Click Save

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