Customer Instructions for Change of Ownership

Last Updated: Apr 07, 2016

These instructions are for personal (Consumer or Individual Liable) accounts.

Note: For transfers involving a Business (Corporate Liable) account, please visit

Please review the following requirements prior to initiating the Change of Ownership process:

  • Both the releasing account holder (Releasor) and accepting account holder (Acceptor) must have active Sprint accounts and registered online accounts.
  • If the Acceptor does not have an active Sprint account, please call 855-808-4185 to establish an account.
  • If the Releasor or Acceptor doesn't have a registered online account, please go to My Sprint to register. If this is a new Sprint account, register by selecting the Sign up with account number or serial number link and register using your account number instead of your phone number.
  • The Releasor must provide the Acceptor's account number in order to initiate the online process.
  • The Acceptor must complete the Change of Ownership Online Request Form after the Releasor has completed and submitted the online form.
  • Customers who would like to transfer a Monthly Installment or Lease Contract along with their line of service must meet certain qualifications based on the Account credit class (determined by the customer's credit bureau history), and account standing of both the Releasor and Acceptor. If those qualifications are not met, in order to transfer the line of service, the Monthly Installment or Lease contract must be paid in full by the Releasor. The Change of Ownership form will only display the options for which the Acceptor and Releasor qualify.
  • Both parties must agree to be contacted by Sprint regarding the Change of ownership request, in order to ensure accurate and timely completion of the request.

After both parties have completed and submitted the online request forms, allow up to 5 business days for the change of ownership to be completed. During this time, do not make ANY changes to the line of service being transferred until the request has been completed. This includes plan changes, phone number changes, device changes and upgrades.

If a valid email address is on file, both the Releasor and Acceptor will receive an email confirmation once the change of ownership has been completed.

Click here to start the online change of ownership request

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