FAQs about Public Wi-fi Networks and Wi-Fi Calling on your Samsung Galaxy S 4 mini

Last Updated: May 16, 2014

Answers to some of your questions about Public Wi-Fi networks and Wi-Fi Calling

  • Why can't I make Wi-Fi calls when I'm connected to a Public Wi-Fi network?

    Some public Wi-Fi networks require extra steps to connect to the network. Make sure your device is connected to the public Wi-Fi network. If you are still unable to place calls, check the browser for additional steps.

  • Can I make and receive Wi-Fi calls over a public Wi-Fi network?

    Many public Wi-Fi networks allow Wi-Fi calling, but some networks may block Wi-Fi calling. If you can't make or recieve Wi-Fi calls when connected to a network, contact the network provider for more information.

  • What happens to a call when I leave my Wi-Fi coverage area?

    Active calls do not switch from cellular to Wi-Fi. If you go outside of your Wi-Fi coverage area, the call will end.

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