FAQs about Wi-Fi Calling on your Samsung Galaxy Mega

Last Updated: Sep 17, 2014

Answers to some of your questions about Wi-Fi Calling

  • What is Wi-Fi Calling?

    Wi-Fi Calling is a feature on your Samsung Galaxy Mega ™ that allows you to make or receive phone calls and text messages over a Wi-Fi network.

  • What is the benefit of using Wi-Fi Calling?

    Anyone with poor cellular coverage can benefit from using Wi-Fi Calling. If you have a weak signal, you can now call and text using your home internet connection.

  • What is required to use Wi-Fi Calling?

    After you add the Wi-Fi Calling feature to your account, all you need is a connection to a Wi-Fi network. Enable Wi-Fi Calling for your Wi-Fi network using the installed Wi-Fi Calling application, then place a call like normal.

  • Does Wi-Fi calling cost money?

    There is no additional charge to your existing plan to use Wi-Fi Calling.

  • Where can I make Wi-Fi calls?

    Wi-Fi Calling is supported in the US, US Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico. Wi-Fi Calling is not supported in other locations.

  • Can I send or receive text and picture messages while using Wi-Fi Calling?

    Text and pictures messages can be sent or received at no additional cost.

  • Does Wi-Fi Calling use my minutes?

    Calls over Wi-Fi do not use any of your minutes.

  • What happens to a call when I leave my Wi-Fi coverage area?

    Active calls do not switch from cellular to Wi-Fi. If you go outside of your Wi-Fi coverage area, the call will end.

  • How do I set up Wi-Fi calling?

    Activate Wi-Fi Calling
  • How does 9-1-1 work over Wi-Fi calling?

    For questions regarding 9-1-1 calls, please review frequently asked questions about FAQs about Sprint Wi-Fi calling .

  • Why is my call quality poor or inconsistent.

    Wi-Fi calling requires a strong Wi-Fi connection for the best possible call quality. If you are experiencing poor or inconsistent call quality, ensure you have a strong Wi-Fi signal. If necessary, move to a location closer to the router with better signal.

    The number of users on a network can affect call quality. A network with many users, such as a public Wi-Fi hotspot, may cause call quality issues even if the network signal is strong.

  • Can Wi-Fi Calling be used while in Airplane mode?

    No, the Wi-Fi Calling service disabled while the device is in Airplane mode.

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