FAQs about my Framily bill

Last Updated: Jun 05, 2014

What do I need to know about my bill?

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FAQs about my Framily bill

What do I need to know about my bill?

  • Each line on the Framily Plan has a $55 monthly recurring charge (MRC) on the bill.
  • The Framily discount is applied to the MRC based on the number of lines in the Framily group. The discount varies as members join or leave the group, ranges from $5 to $30 and is based on the number of lines in the Framily group at the time the bill is processed.
  • In most cases, the discount is expected to display on your next bill after the change. But, if activity occurs a few days before your bill is generated, the discount is applied on your next bill.
  • The discount is not applied to prorated charges on your bill. It only applies to a full month's Sprint Framily MRC.
  • Discounts through your company, university or organization apply only to data add-ons, require validation and are only applicable to subscribers on the account. These discounts are tied to the Account, not the Framily Group ID.
  • A $15/mo. service charge will apply to customers who purchased a discounted phone in exchange for a new service agreement. This charge applies until you reach upgrade eligibility or after 12 consecutive months of billing for the $20 per month unlimited data plus annual upgrade option, whichever comes first. Once on Framily, future device purchases from Sprint will be full price. Devices can be purchased via Sprint Easy Pay in 24 monthly installment payments.

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