FAQs about the data connectivity of your Netgear 341U USB Modem

Last Updated: Nov 15, 2013

  • Can my device connect to Sprint 4G LTE?

    Yes, your device supports 4G and connects to it automatically.

  • Why is my Netgear® 341U USB Modem disconnecting from the Internet?

    • You may be using your device in an area with low or no coverage.
    • You've been using your device for a long time.
    • Your computer may be experiencing a temporary problem.
  • Can my computer connect to Wi-Fi while using this device?

    Yes. The Netgear 341U USB Modem disconnects when you connect to Wi-Fi.

  • Can I share the Internet connection with other devices?

    No. Your Netgear 341U USB Modem grants Internet access only to the computer it is plugged into.

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