FAQs related to Google Play on your Kyocera Rise

Last Updated: May 16, 2014

Answers to some of your questions about Google Play Store
  • What is Google Play Store™?

    Google Play Store is a multimedia content service where you can buy music, movies, books, applications and games for your Android device.

  • Why is a Google™ account required for Play Store?

    A Google account links Play Store to your Kyocera Rise™. You can purchase applications at Play Store and it keeps track of your purchases. You can re-download and install previously purchased applications without additional cost in case you ever have to reset or replace your Kyocera Rise.

    Set up a Google account.

  • How do I pay for applications?

    You can pay with your Google Wallet™ and you can bill some purchases to your Sprint account.
    You can store your payment information in a Google Wallet account for online or tap-to-pay purchasing.
    Google Wallet is a secure payment option that requires several security checkpoints before your purchase is complete.

  • Why can some devices download a specific application from Play Store when other devices can't?

    Certain applications may not be compatible with your Kyocera Rise. While browsing in Play Store, only compatible applications are visible.

    Note: Google may remove some applications from Play Store to prepare for an update or because of a policy.

  • Why is Play Store not working?

    Troubleshoot a malfunctioning application.

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