FAQs related to key features on your Sprint WeGo

Last Updated: Aug 05, 2014

Answers to some of your questions about the key features of your Sprint WeGo
  • What is Whitelist calling?

    Whitelist calling is calling that is restricted to a pre-approved list. For the WeGo, outgoing calls are restricted to one of five contacts and incoming calls are restricted to one of 20 contacts. 911 is automatically added to the incoming and outgoing call lists. The five contacts on the outgoing call list are automatically included as five of the 20 outgoing contacts.

    Add or Remove a Contact.

  • Can the Sprint Wego™ send and receive text messages?

    The Sprint WeGo has 33 text message templates to choose from and is not capable of sending custom messages. The Sprint WeGo can receive any text message, but is unable to send or receive picture messages. Text messaging on the Sprint WeGo is restricted to the same Whitelist used for calling.

    The Sprint WeGo sends notifications to the caregiver. some examples are listed below.

    • Low Battery
    • Sprint Wego is turned off
    • Text message read receipts
    • Emergency Buzzer is activated
    • 911 is called
    • Abduction Alert
    • Wake Alert
    • Admin Control site changes

    Send or Receive a Text Message.

  • Does the Sprint WeGo have GPS?

    The Sprint WeGo has GPS, but not for navigation purposes. The GPS services are accessible via the web portal and listed below.

    • Geo-Fencing (Zones)
    • Bread-crumb location
      • Shows location every two minutes for a search interval of one hour.
    • On-demand location
    • Scheduled locations
      • examples: school, daycare, or home.
  • What is Speed Alert?

    Speed Alert is a setting that notifies the caregiver if the Sprint WeGo (and child) exceeds a set vehicle speed.

  • What is Wake Alert?

    Wake Alert is a setting that notifies the caregiver if the Sprint WeGo (and child) does not provide accelerometer feedback at a specified time.

  • What is School Hour Silence?

    Caregivers can specify a date and time when the Sprint WeGo is to remain silent.

  • What are Zones?

    Zones is a tool to determine if the Sprint WeGo (and child) is at a specific location at a specific time. Up to 5 Zones can be set up and they can be as small as 600ft or as large as a city. Notifications can be sent when the Sprint WeGo (and child) enters or leaves a Zone.

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