FAQs related to media backup and sync with your Kyocera Rise

Last Updated: Jul 16, 2014

Answers to some of your questions about transferring files between your computer and Kyocera Rise

  • What is Media Transfer Protocol (MTP)?

    MTP is a feature built into the Kyocera Rise™. It doesn't require extra software.

    After you plug your Kyocera Rise into a computer, your Kyocera Rise prompts you to choose a connection type. Tap Mass Storage, tap Done, review the message, and then tap OK.

    Your Kyocera Rise now behaves and installs as a storage device. You can then access the memory card and phone storage.

    Transfer files to and from your Kyocera Rise via a USB cable.

  • How does the memory card work?

    The memory card is the main storage for your Kyocera Rise. Your Kyocera Rise also has 1GB internal storage.

    Captured images or video automatically save to the memory card.
    All Internet and application downloads, Bluetooth® file transfers, and most media types automatically save to the memory card as well.

    Your Kyocera Rise supports microSD cards up to 32GB.

    Sprint recommends storing data to your memory card so you can easily transfer the card to another device.
    Your data is safer if you need to troubleshoot your Kyocera Rise.

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