FAQs related to voicemail on your Samsung Conquer 4G

Last Updated: Nov 15, 2013

Answers to some of your questions about voicemail on your Samsung Conquer 4G
  • How do I reset my voicemail passcode if I've forgotten it?

    To learn how to reset your voicemail passcode online, visit the Reset your Voicemail Passcode page on

  • How can I access my voicemail from a different phone?

    Call your Samsung Conquer™ 4G from a different phone and press the * key during the voicemail greeting. Wait for the prompt and then enter your voicemail passcode.

    Note: You have to set up a voicemail passcode from your Samsung Conquer 4G before you can access it from another device.

  • Can I disable the voicemail feature?

    Contact Sprint Customer Care to remove the voicemail feature from your phone number.

  • Can I see who left me a voicemail message?

    Your Samsung Conquer 4G has Visual Voicemail so you can view the time, date, and phone number for each voicemail. If you've saved the name to your contacts, you can also view the name of the caller.

    Set up and access Visual Voicemail.

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