Find and update the software version on your Blackberry 8703e smartphone

Last Updated: Nov 18, 2013

Just like your computer, the software on your phone needs to be updated periodically to make sure you have all the latest fixes and enhancements to keep it running at optimal performance. Follow the steps below to check your current version and perform any needed updates.

Version history

Current version: 4.5


Date Released

Description of enhancements/fixes



Addresses the following; Multi-Media Messages (MMS) issue, adds the capability to check attendee availability when scheduling meetings, adds the Dataviz Documents to Go application. (Build 201)


Fixes the ability to use Telenav Track


Fixed rebooting issue with a QCOM patch


Includes GPS Support


System Acquisition and GPS fixes


Initial Release

Check the version on your phone

To check the version on your phone:

  1. From the Main screen, select Options (wrench icon)
  2. Click the Trackball
  3. Select About
    • Software Version will be listed on the third line in the format v4.X.X.XX

Software Version will be listed on the third line in the format v4.X.X.XX

Note: If your device is out of date by two or more versions, you need to update your devices with each version newer than the one installed on your device. For example, if the current version is 7 and your device has version 5, then you need to update your device twice, once for version 6 and then once for version 7.

To update your 8703e:

From your computer, go to our software download site to get the latest updates.

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