Find and update the software version on your Motorola Admiral

Last Updated: Nov 21, 2013

  • Software updates may be released in stages and can take several days for delivery.
  • If prompted that an update is available, follow the onscreen instructions to complete the installation.

Check the current device software:

Manually check for updates:


Release Date

Description of Enhancements/Fixes



  • Bluetooth application improvement allows the device to push contacts all at one time
  • Removal of Sprint Mobile Wallet application
  • Updated Mobile Sync application
  • Various fixes and enhancements to improve device stability
  • Added the ability to accept, tentative and decline a meeting maker
5.5.1Q-117_PAX-69 10/16/2012
  • Improvements to Roaming Settings to optimize Sprint Direct Connect performance over 1x/roaming.
  • Enhanced precision to allow for better performance when using GPS application
5.5.1Q-117_PAX-63 8/20/2012
  • Improvements to Sprint Direct Connect coverage.
5.51Q-117_PAX-33 7/31/2012
  • Improvements to Sprint Direct Connect, including UFMI blocking for privacy.
  • Enhancement increases coverage area, Sprint Direct Connect now functions over 1x.
  • Improvements to Sprint Direct Connect, added functionality such as TeamDC and OptIn DC in call logs.
  • Enhancement enables emergency broadcast support for improved safety and security.
  • Improvement to user experience when both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are in use.
  • Improvements to home screen so it is easier for a user to swipe the screen to unlock phone and answer calls.
  • Functionality for setting up or editing calendar events in which you invite others using Corporate Exchange is being removed. If this functionality is needed, please use the Moxier email client preloaded on the device.
  • Short Dialing to support Urban and Fleet IDs that match.
5.5.1Q-117_PAX-33 3/7/2012
  • Sprint Direct Connect button unmutes voice calls
  • Sprint Direct Connect call beeps even when phone is on vibrate
  • Improvements to Sprint Direct Connect call performance: faster responsiveness after phone start up and better call performance when moving in and out of 3G network coverage or roaming
  • Device will no longer ask user if they want to continue using long-running business applications
  • Sprint Direct Numbers will display differently than all other numbers in Contacts for quick and easy access
  • Fix to ensure date shown with pictures in Media Gallery is accurate
  • Security Updates


  • Initial Release

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