Find and update the software version on your Samsung Moment

Last Updated: Apr 27, 2016

Just like your computer, your phone's software needs to be updated periodically to make sure you have all the latest fixes and enhancements to keep it running at optimal performance. Follow the steps below to check your current version and perform any needed updates.

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Version History

Current Version: S:M900.8.OS.DJ07



Date released

Description of enhancements/fixes


This update is available over the air or through computer download and fixes:
- Call restrictions after modem crash related to Airplane Mode and data lockup
- Proximity sensor and screen lock enhancements
- Sprint Radio black screen

9/22/2010 This update is available over the air or through computer download and:
- Fixes Airplane Mode issues
- Corrects Skyfire browser power cycle issue
- Adds Select All option to Bulk Bluetooth contact push
Note: If done over the air, you will be required to accept the Google over the air push as well as the Sprint update.

The update is available only through computer download. It includes:
- 2.1 Android update (Eclair)
- Keypad backlight optimization
- Bulk Bluetooth contact push
- Various Bluetooth fixes
- Increased speed and performance
- Swipe to unlock/mute/speakerphone
- New camera features
- Pandora enhancements



This update is available only through computer download. It includes:
- Network Assist GPS to allow indoor location fix
- Updates to several third-party apps, including Visual Voicemail, NASCAR and Sprint TV
- Change to Emergency Dial on lock screen
- Hard reset available in recovery mode: remove and reinsert battery; press volume down, send and end keys until reboot option pops up; scroll to wipe data/factory reset; press OK
- Various improvements to battery life



Initial Release

Check the version on your phone

To find the software version on your Samsung Moment™:

  1. From the Main screen, press Menu
  2. Tap Settings
  3. Tap About Phone
  4. The software version will be listed under the Baseband version heading and will be in the format of S:M900.X.XX.XXXX

Update your software

The update should automatically download to your Moment over the air.

  1. When the download hits your Moment, you will see a System Update screen that says A system update is ready to install…
  2. You can then choose to Install Now or defer to Install Later
    • Note: If you choose Install Later, you will be reminded about the update once or twice a day until the update is completed
  3. Once you select Install Now, your Moment will restart and install the software; this will take a few minutes
  4. Your phone will reboot again and the software update will be complete.

To update your Moment through computer download:

Note: Before you start the download make sure:

  • Your computer is running one of these systems:
    • Microsoft Windows 2000 with Service Pack 4
    • Windows XP with Service Pack 2 or better
    • Windows Vista
    • Windows 7
  • Your Moment has a fully-charged battery
  • You have the USB data cable that came with your Moment

  1. To download the update software go to our Samsung Moment download site
    • Note: If you have any existing Samsung USB drivers on your computer, you should uninstall them. The software update will install the latest drivers that you will need. To uninstall:
      • Go to Start >Settings >Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs
      • Scroll down and look for Samsung USB Driver. If a Samsung USB Driver 4.40 or earlier is installed it will need to be removed by clicking on it and selecting the Change/Remove button
      • You will see a window showing you to reinstall or remove the drivers. Select Remove USB Drivers (MCCI 4.40) and click OK.
      • Once it is finished, click Next, select to restart your computer for the changes to take affect, and click Finish.
  2. After downloading the file to your computer, double click setup.exe to start the installation. It will bring up the InstallShield Wizard. Click Next to install SamsungSimpleDL.
  3. Click Install to begin the installation. The Wizard will install the upgrade tool, latest phone software and USB drivers on to your computer.
  4. Once this is complete, you will see an InstallShield Wizard Complete screen telling you the installation of the update software is complete. Click Finish.
  5. You will need to restart your computer to continue. Select Yes to restart now, then click Finish.
  6. After your computer reboots, you will need to click on the SWUpgrade icon on your desktop.
  7. The SWUpgrade shortcut will open a Software Download window. You will need to accept the terms in the license agreement to continue and then click Next.
  8. From this point, you can follow the directions on each screen. Please note the following:
    • You will now see a warning screen that data not synchronized will be deleted. It is important that you back up your data before moving forward.
      • Note: If you have signed in to a Gmail account and allowed the synchronization with Gmail to continue, the following items will be restored once you sign back in to your Gmail account:
        • Google Contacts
        • Google Calendar
        • Purchased applications can be re-downloaded
        • Google emails
      • The SD card is NOT erased during the upgrade process. The following items are stored on the SD card:
        • Music
        • Moves and Videos
        • Pictures
        • Some application data (not all depends on application)
        • Saved email attachments
    • When you are instructed to simultaneously press and hold the Volume Down, Camera and End keys (download mode), it is important that you press the END button LAST, as this makes sure the phone does not turn on before the other two buttons are pressed. If you see the Samsung logo when you do this, you will need to pull the battery and try it again.
    • Once the Flash Programming is complete, your Moment will reboot and start hands-free activation.

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