Find and update the software version on your Sonim XP Strike

Last Updated: May 16, 2014

  • Software updates may be released in stages and can take several days for delivery.
  • If prompted that an update is available, follow the onscreen instructions to complete the installation.
  • Check the current device software:

    Manually check for updates:

    Current version:

    • XP3410_5900B00


    Release Date

    Description of Enhancements/Fixes

    XP3410_5900B00 02/20/2014
    • Added a buzzer (vibrate) option for the "Send Alert" message
    • Sprint Direct Connect Mic will no longer stay open on initial "One Touch" call.
    • Added menu to define DC call tone volume (High to Low).  The setting is under DC settings.
    • Pop up messages no longer interfere with Sprint Direct Connect calls.
    • Sprint Direct Connect button can now be used to dismiss any error messages.
    • Various updates to Quality of Service.
    • Sprint Direct Connect button now operates even when keypad is locked.
    • Audio is now routed properly to loudspeaker when profile is switched from silent to normal.
    • Sprint Direct Connect Send Alert Chirps are repeated every 3 seconds.  Previously it was set to 20 seconds.
    • Changed the generic missed call alert popup to specifically state SDC missed call alert if the missed call was SDC
    XP3410_5500B01 08/28/2013
    • Allow use of Team DC with 200 members.
    • When phone is in Silent Profile the phone will now vibrate when you receive a chirp or incoming SDC call.
    • Adding to Limit Use the ability to shut off the browser.
    • Enhancements to help with Sprint Direct Connect periodically going off-line.
    • A user can respond to a text message with an email  without receiving "invalid recipient' message.
    • In the browser search window a space character can now be added between characters.
    • Device stability enhancements to help with power down scenarios.
    XP3410_3600B02 05/22/2013


    • Device no longer rings as an incoming call when network is trying to determine device location.
    XP3410_3600B01 04/24/2013
    • Support for Sprint Mobile Urgent Alerts
    • White List Support - A list of individuals a user is only allowed to communicate with
    • Support for Scan Lock
    • Limit Use:
      • Contacts: Lock contacts so no changes can be made by an individual user
      • Voice Calls: Prevent incoming and outgoing calls to contacts not in address book
      • Emergency and customer care calls are allowed
      • Messaging: Sending messages to contacts not in address book
      • GPS: Prevent user from turning off GPS
    • Support for Loudspeaker accessory
    • Changes:
      • Ability to block a Sprint Direct Connect call from a call list and contacts
      • Save a new group connect from call history to address book
      • Increase in SDC and send message alert volume
      • Missed SDC call or call alert will now properly show up in missed calls or missed DC call log
      • Easier set up for ad-hoc groups
      • Mobile Sync Admin Template enhancements to allow for user name to be displayed in SDC calls and call history
      • Enhancements to allow for better functionality of java applications
    XP3410_1900B04 12/24/2012
    • Initial Release

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