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Last Updated: Aug 18, 2014

Third-Party Billing

Third-party billing allows you to buy third-party goods and services from certain providers partnering with Sprint and have the cost of the purchase billed directly to your Sprint account. Purchases can be one-time buys or ongoing subscriptions. Typical purchases include downloads like applications, games, social media services and music.

FAQs about Third-Party Billing

How do I participate in third-party billing?

Most providers partnering with Sprint provide the option to bill your purchase to your Sprint account at the time of purchase/checkout. Simply choose this option to have the purchase billed to your account.


How can I identify if I am being charged third-party charges?

Third-party charges will appear in a separate section on your Sprint invoice called “Third-Party Charges and Adjustments.”


How do I dispute a third-party charge?

Sprint provides customers with a variety of ways to dispute a charge. Sprint's invoice includes a third-party billing section that includes information about the purchase and provider. The customer is free to contact the provider directly to dispute a charge. As always, customers also can contact Sprint to review invoice charges.


How do I unsubscribe from receiving recurring third-party content?

To unsubscribe from receiving recurring third-party services, follow the instructions provided by the third-party content provider. Also, please note that deleting third-party applications from your device alone may not stop the billing of monthly recurring charges.


Can I block devices on my account from being able to incur third-party charges?

Sprint customers can select the device for which they want to block third-party charges, free of charge, from billing to their Sprint invoice. Simply sign in to your account on, choose the “My Preferences” tab, and click on the “Block apps & digital media downloads” link under the “Limits and permissions” options. This feature will not block customer purchases via other methods, e.g., bill to credit card purchases.


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