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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2014

If the device is not covered by Total Equipment Protection, you may have to pay a $75 fee per incident to repair or exchange your device.

Type of service Cost with Total Equipment Protection (TEP) Cost without TEP Repair/replacement time
Level 1: Content management $0 $0 Many repairs can be resolved same day and in some cases in about an hour. Some issues will be resolved by exchanging the device. Device replacements typically arrive within three to four business days.
Level 2: Technicians will determine in-store repair eligibility. First two repair/exchange transactions included at no additional charge. A $25 service fee applies to each subsequent repair or exchange in any consecutive 12 month period. $75
Does not apply to iPhones. Ask your sales rep about service fees for iPhones not covered by a device protection plan.
Level 3: Insurance claim.

Not eligible for in-store service.
Insurance deductible
A non-refundable deductible between $50-$200, based upon device type, applies. For a complete deductible list visit
May pay full retail price for a replacement device in most cases. Insurance replacements typically arrive in one business day in most cases.

*Deductible depends on device type. Deductible applies on replacements for lost, stolen, liquid or physically damaged devices. For complete list of phone models and deductible amount, visit

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