Find out whether your NextMail message was sent and received

Last Updated: Nov 18, 2013

Soon after you release the Direct Connect button, you will hear three short beeps. This is confirmation that your NextMail® message has been sent. If sending your NextMail message by voice call, the NextMail system will confirm your message.

To have the system automatically generate and send a Message Received message to your phone when the recipient opens the message, go to your Account Profile, under Options, and select Send 'Recipient Replies' to my phone.

Note: If the recipient email address is invalid, you will usually receive an Email Administrator error message in your email inbox. On rare occasions, messages sent to a valid address are not received by the intended recipient due to circumstances beyond the control of NextMail. These could include Internet slowdowns, the recipient's email server being temporarily off line or issues with the recipient's spam filter.

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