Fix an issue when you dial ** (star, star) on your HTC Touch Pro, it may only send one * (star) tone through

Last Updated: Nov 18, 2013

You may experience the following issue with your HTC Touch PRO™.

If you dial ** too quickly on the Touch PRO during a call, the phone will only send one * tone, even though you pressed it twice. This situation may occur for any system access or reason requiring the need to press the virtual * key twice. (Example: Accessing a voicemail system.)

To avoid this issue:

  1. Dial as usual
  2. Wait for the prompt to enter **
  3. Tap the * key once
  4. Wait at least one second
  5. Tap the * key a second time
  6. The system will then receive both * tones

Note: At any time, you can check that you have the latest software version for your phone. For instructions on how to check your software version and update your phone software, refer to Check for Updates.

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