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Last Updated: Aug 14, 2015

Use the following instructions to request a report of your text message usage details.

A text message detail report includes the send phone number, the receive phone number, and date/time the message was sent and received. The report does not include the content of the message.

A notarized consent form is required to process your request.

Sprint is only able to provide your billed text message details for the previous 90 days. We may not be able to retrieve text detail for all roaming phone numbers.

Required Action:

  1. Download and print the consent form.
  2. Complete the consent form.
  3. Consent form must be signed by the Account Holder and notarized before sending it back to Sprint.
  4. You can fax, email or mail your completed form to the attention of Sprint CDMA Text Message Detail Request Management at:
    • Fax: 1-855-223-7419
    • Mail: 2432 Fortune Drive, Lexington, KY 40509
    • Email:

Once the completed and notarized form has been received, it will take approximately 48 hours to verify and send a response. We will send the text records you requested via email if the email address on the account has been on the account longer than 30 days or via postal mail to the billing address on the account within 7-10 days.

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