Know if you need to enable additional ports on your router for your AIRAVE Access Point

Last Updated: Nov 16, 2013

Installation of your AIRAVE® Access Point should be simple plug and play. AIRAVE uses standard ports to connect to the Sprint Network through the Internet. These ports are open by default on the integrated router within the AIRAVE and will not need additional configuration.

If your AIRAVE cannot connect to the Sprint network due to a unique network configuration, you may need to open the following UDP ports on your switch or router that the AIRAVE is connected behind:

  • Airave (Airave 1.0 Samsung) ports are: 53, 500, 4500, and 52428
  • Airave Access Point (Airave 2.0 Airvana) ports are: 53, 67, 68, 500, and 4500

Contact your broadband Internet provider, router manufacturer or network administrator for detailed instructions to open ports on your equipment.

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Below is the link for the ports to forward according to the sprint website.     http://support.sprint.c
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