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Last Updated: Nov 19, 2013

Good Mobile Messaging™ is a wireless messaging solution optimized for use on a range of supported handhelds. Tasks such as composing email or viewing rich attachments are just clicks away. And because Good Mobile Messaging lets you run several applications at once, it's as easy to multitask as it would be on a laptop or desktop computer. Some of the key features:

E-mail highlights

  • Create, send, receive, delete, file, search and sort email
  • View e-mail via preview pane, single-line display or 2-line display
  • View, edit and send rich attachments
  • Maximize battery life with scheduled sync options
  • Synchronize email sub-folders
  • Prioritize and filter e-mail date, sender, conversations, flag and more
  • Conversation view allows rapid processing of complex threads
  • Global Address List (GAL) or Domino Directory lookup to access your corporate directory RSS news feeds
  • Stay up to date on news and information with Good Mobile News
  • Share RSS news feeds Calendar highlights
  • View and accept meeting invitations
  • View calendar conflicts, check free/busy status of invitees
  • Daily, weekly and monthly viewing views
  • Accept, decline or respond tentatively to meeting requests and view conflicts

Contacts highlights

  • Search, edit, add and delete contacts
  • Use phone, including voice-activated dialing, without entering a password
  • Manage public, shared and personal contacts
  • Category synchronization
  • vCard (electronic business card) downloading and beaming
  • Automatic phone caller ID integrated with contacts


Always secure, easy to manage -- Good Mobile Messaging is fully integrated with Good Mobile Control, making it simple for IT managers to maintain Good Mobile Messaging as well as mobile device policies, settings and other handheld software.

With robust wireless OTA management capabilities, deployment of all mobile software and policies is a snap. Plus device management and security is accessed through a single, Web-based interface, providing IT access from virtually anywhere. Key IT and administrator features include:


  • No inbound firewall holes
  • AES-192, FIPS-certified end-to-end encryption
  • Remote control of password policies
  • Remotely erase the device if it is lost or stolen
  • Remote control of handheld components like cameras, Bluetooth, Infrared, SD cards, etc.
  • Enforce compliance with IT policies by defining mandatory applications. Even specify periodic checks for the required application
  • Prohibit use of certain handheld applications

OTA management and administration

  • Central place to view and manage devices, security, applications and more
  • Anytime-anywhere management with Web-based Good Mobile Control
  • OTA deployment and upgrading of Good and third party applications like virus protection
  • OTA policy management (e.g., control handheld, password requirements)
  • Robust policy templates and policy sets allow IT to customize policies by users, device OS and more
  • Management dashboard provides a complete picture of your mobile deployment including server status and users by operating system
  • View detailed user information such as handheld type, carrier, ROM version, radio status, etc.


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