Know what information you can back up with Microsoft My Phone

Last Updated: Nov 18, 2013

The first time that you run the Microsoft® My Phone application on your phone, you will be asked to accept or change the recommended settings. Recommended settings will synchronize contacts, calendar appointments, tasks, photos, videos, text messages, music and documents between your phone and your My Phone web account.


  • If you have an active connection with Microsoft Exchange server (which is frequently used for corporate e-mail), My Phone will not synchronize your contacts, calendar appointments or tasks.
  • If you have Windows® Live installed on your phone, it will not synchronize your Windows Live contacts with the Windows Live web site, and My Phone will synchronize your other contacts to your account on the My Phone web site.
  • If you have an external memory card and selected My Phone's recommended settings, information on the external memory card will not be synchronized.
  • If you store contacts on the SIM card provided by your mobile operator, My Phone will not synchronize these contacts.
  • If you have any documents stored outside the My Documents folder on your phone, My Phone will not synchronize these documents.

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