Know which phones are supported for Good Mobile Messaging

Last Updated: Nov 19, 2013

Good Technology supports a range of enterprise-class devices from around the world and provides such services as Good Mobile Messaging™. Many Sprint phones are enabled to use Good Mobile Messaging™ as a wireless messaging solution for Exchange or Domino servers.

Good offers two levels of device support: certified and registered. Certified devices are eligible for Good's full technical support. Registered devices are eligible for basic technical support, comprising answers to common usage questions, workarounds for known issues and first-level troubleshooting. The primary support mechanism for registered devices is the Good Device Forum, a user-driven online discussion forum available to customers through the Good Online Portal.

Here are the Sprint phones that Good supports and the support level provided:

  • Palm® Centro™, certified
  • Treo™ 700p by Palm, certified
  • Treo™ 755p by Palm, certified
  • Treo™ 700wx by Palm®, certified
  • SPH-IP-830w by Samsung, registered
  • PPC-6700 by UTStarcom, registered
  • MOTO Q™ by Motorola®, certified
  • HTC Mogul™, certified
  • MOTO Q™ 9c, certified
  • Samsung® ACE™, certified
  • HTC Mogul™, certified
  • HTC Snap™, certified
  • HTC Touch Diamond™, certified
  • HTC Touch Pro2, certified
  • Palm® Treo™ 800w, certified
  • Treo™ Pro by Palm®, certified

Note: Support status for devices is subject to change. Check for updates.

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