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Last Updated: Jun 24, 2014

Why is Picture Mail going away?

Picture Mail was a service that was offered when smartphones and their capabilities were not available. It provided a way to send pictures when other options were not available. There are now many more options available, and very few customers are using Picture Mail. The Picture Mail platform has become obsolete, and Sprint has decided that it is time to end the service.

When will the change take effect?

Picture Mail will not be available after April 30, 2014.

Am I impacted by Picture Mail going away?

If you have one of the following, you will lose Picture Mail on that phone:

Audiovox 8910 Motorola Renegade V950 Samsung A840 Samsung Z400
Audiovox 8912 Motorola Renegade V950e Samsung A880 Sanyo 2700
Hitachi G1000 Motorola SLVR Samsung A900 Sanyo 3100
HTC 6600 Motorola VE20 Samsung A920 Sanyo 3200
HTC Mogul 6800 Motorola W385 Samsung A940 Sanyo 5500
HTC Touch 6900S Nokia 3205 Samsung A960 Sanyo 5600
HTC Touch Diamond 6950 Nokia 6165i Samsung Instinct M800 Sanyo 6600 (Katana)
HTC Touch Pro 6850 Nokia 6225 Samsung Instinct Mini M810 Sanyo 6650 (Katana II)
LG 225 Palm Centro 690p Samsung M250 (User trial) Sanyo 6750
LG 260 (Rumor) Palm (Handspring) Treo 300 Samsung M300 Sanyo 7400
LG 325 Palm (Handspring) Treo 600 Samsung M320 Sanyo 7500
LG 350 Palm Treo 650 Samsung M330 Sanyo 8100
LG 400 Palm Treo 700p Samsung M500 Sanyo 8200
LG 535 Palm Treo 755p Samsung M510 Sanyo 8300
LG 550 (Fusic) Palm Treo 800w Samsung M520 Sanyo 8400
LG 570 (Muziq) Samsung A600 Samsung M540 (Rant) Sanyo 8500 (Katana DLX)
LG LX265 (Rumor 2) Samsung A620 Samsung M550 (Exclaim) Sanyo 9000
LG LX370 Samsung A640 Samsung M560 (Reclaim) Sanyo M1
LG LX600 (Lotus) Samsung A680 Samsung M570 (Restore) Sanyo PRO 200
Motorola ic602 Samsung A700 Samsung M610 Sanyo PRO 700
Motorola ic902 Samsung A740 Samsung M620 (Upstage) Sanyo SCP3800
Motorola KRZR Samsung A790 Samsung M620w (B'Phone) Sanyo SCP3810
Motorola RAZR Samsung A800 Samsung M630 (Highnote) UTStarcom 7075i
Motorola RAZR 2      

Do I need to take any actions?

There is nothing you need to do; you will just be unable to send and receive Picture Mails. If you want to continue to be able to send and receive pictures or other materials such as movie clips and audio files, you will either need to use an alternate method on the phone or change to a Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) capable phone.

Will the change affect my bill?

If you are billed for Picture Mail as an add-on service, Sprint will remove the add-on, and you will no longer be billed for it.

Can I still use my phone to send or upload pictures?

It depends on the phone. For some phones, pictures can be attached to an email. Also, there may be 3rd party applications that can be downloaded to the phone. For both of these options, data is required and may not be included in the price plan which would result in data charges being incurred.

There will be phones that cannot send emails and cannot download a replacement application. If you have one of those devices and want to continue sending and receiving multimedia messages, the only option is to replace the phone with an MMS capable phone.

What if I do not want to change phones?

The phone can still be used, but Picture Mail messaging will no longer work.

Will I still be able to send and receive text messages?

Yes, text messages without attached content will still be able to be sent and received.

If I change phones to allow me to send MMS messages, can I keep my old price plan?

It depends on whether the price plan is available on the new phone. If it is, the plan can still be used. If not, there are replacement plans that can be used although the prices and features may be different.

I may cancel my plan because of this change. Will I have to pay an Early Termination Fee?

No. If you cancel your service because of the Picture Mail change you will not be charged an ETF. However, we want to keep you as a Sprint customer and we hope that you’ll consider upgrading to one of our many smartphone selections, which will allow you send and receive pictures, browse the Internet and much more.

I believe I have saved Picture Mail messages. How can I retrieve them?

Until Picture Mail goes away, you can use Picture Mail to send your pictures to an email address or another phone, or you can upload your pictures to supported social media sites. You also may be able to use email or other applications to move pictures from your phone to a computer (see response below). Sprint discontinued its online storage service in 2012, so any pictures you stored using the Picture Mail online storage capability can no longer be retrieved.

When Picture Mail goes away, how can I get the pictures off of the phone?

You may be able to use alternate methods to send or upload pictures from the phone, like email or other 3rd party applications. If the phone cannot use email or a 3rd party application, it may be possible to directly connect your phone to a computer, and the pictures can be downloaded from the phone to the computer. If neither of these options work, you can take the phone to a Repair Center, and technicians can move your pictures to a phone or flash drive that you have provided.

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