Learn what will happen if you are connected to a network when you try to establish a connection with the AirCard 595 by Sierra Wireless

Last Updated: Sep 22, 2015

If you are already connected to a Local LAN or Wi-Fi network, you should disable or disconnect from those networks before attempting to connect to the EVDO network with your Aircard® 595 by Sierra Wireless. If you do not disconnect from the Local LAN or Wi-Fi network, you may experience issues such as:

  • After connecting, the device will automatically disconnect after a short period.
  • IOTA may not work correctly.
  • NDIS may not work correctly if you have it enabled on your device while you are on a Local LAN.
  • While browsing, the device may get confused since there are now two interfaces available and perform poorly.
  • Throughput performance may suffer.

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