Maximize the battery life on your Motorola i1

Last Updated: Apr 27, 2016

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Since your phone is like a small computer, you are likely to use it more often which could drain your battery. To conserve battery life between charges, you can:

  • Minimize recording or watching videos, listening to music, or taking pictures.
  • Reduce the number of Widgets that stream information to your Home screen, like news or weather.
  • Reduce the frequency of Email updates: Touch Email > More > Account settings > Email check frequency > select Every hour or Never to check for email manually
  • Manually refresh your Gmail. You can change from automatic to manual by launching the settings menu from the Home screen, then go to Data Synchronization > Google and de-select the box for Auto-Sync.
  • Turn off Bluetooth power: Touch Settings > Wireless controls > Bluetooth.
  • Turn off Wi-Fi if a Wi-Fi hotspot is not available: Touch Settings > Wireless controls > Wi-Fi.
  • Turn off GPS
  • Reduce the frequency of the Google™ app updates: Touch Settings > Data synchronization > Google > Background data
  • Lower the display brightness: Touch Settings > Sound & display > Brightness and select dimmer setting.
  • Shorten the display timeout: Touch Settings > Sound & display > Screen timeout and select a shorter setting.

You can also use the widgets on the Home screen to turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when not in use or purchase a backup battery as well.

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