Netgear 341U Known Issue - Software update and CradlePoint compatibility

Last Updated: Apr 22, 2014

Known Issue: CradlePoint router no longer working with Netgear 341U

Date: 03/12/2014


This article describes why your CradlePoint router may not be working with your Netgear router and explains how you can resolve this issue.


Netgear released a software update for the Netgear 341U on 03/12/2014 (software version 45.04.20). The update includes a driver change and requires a firmware update on the CradlePoint router. If the Netgear 341U software update is installed prior to updating the CradlePoint firmware, the two devices will not communicate.

Note: The 45.04.20 software update has been disabled as of 3/21/2014. However, it will be re-enabled on 05/06/2014.


  1. If necessary, update the firmware on your CradlePoint router.

    The following list contains several CradlePoint router models and the respective firmware versions that are compatible with the Netgear 341U 45.04.20 software version:

    • CBA750B: Version 5.1.0 (released on 03/30/2014)
    • MBR1400: Version 5.1.0 (released on 03/30/2014)
    • MBR1200B: Version 5.1.0 (released on 03/30/2014)
    • MBR95: Version 5.0.3 (released on 03/31/2014)
    • CBA750: Version 2.4.0 (released on 04/02/2014)

    If your CradlePoint router does not have one of the firmware versions listed above and your Netgear 341U has already been updated to 45.04.20, the CradlePoint firmware must be updated. To check the current software version on your Netgear 341U or download a firmware update for your CradlePoint router, refer to the links below.

    Check the software version on your Netgear 341U

    CradlePoint firmware and support documentation
  2. If necessary, manually update the drivers.

    The drivers should automatically update on the host computer when the Netgear 341U software update completes. In cases where this does not occur, the drivers will need to be updated manually.

    Note: Admin rights are required to update drivers on most computers. IT departments will be responsible for the distribution of the drivers to computers without admin rights.

    The Netgear 341U drivers and support documentation can be found at the link below. The drivers can be installed from the Tru-Install drive on the Netgear 341U or installed by an Enterprise support team. For assistance installing the drivers, refer to the Netgear 341U Get Started Guide.

    Note: The new driver package is Netgear 34xU IPT2 USB Modem Driver Package version 3.1.1310.3939-4.

    Netgear 341U drivers and support documentation

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