Netgear 341U Known Issue - Software update and Enterprise customers

Last Updated: Apr 22, 2014

Known Issue: Enterprise customers without administrative rights unable to install Netgear 341U drivers

Date: 04/21/2014


This article describes why your Netgear 341U may not be working with your Enterprise computer and explains how you can resolve this issue.


Netgear released a software update for the Netgear 341U on 03/12/2014 (software version 45.04.20). The update includes new drivers and attempts to install them automatically. The driver installation is blocked for Enterprise customers without administrative rights on their computer. Without the updated drivers installed, the Netgear 341U will stop communicating with the computer.

Note: The 45.04.20 software update has been disabled as of 3/21/2014. However, it will be re-enabled on 05/06/2014.


  • Using the Netgear 341U drivers and support documentation found at the link below, update the device drivers manually. The drivers can be updated prior to the installation of the Netgear 341U software without causing problems.
  • If the Netgear 341U software has updated, the drivers can be installed from the Tru-Install drive on the Netgear 341U. If the Netgear 341U software has not updated, the drivers can be downloaded and installed separately.
  • Both methods will require administration rights on the computer. For assistance installing the drivers, refer to the Netgear 341U Get Started Guide.

Note: The new driver package is Netgear 34xU IPT2 USB Modem Driver Package version 3.1.1310.3939-4.

Netgear341U drivers and support documentation

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