Program your AIRAVE Access Point

Last Updated: Nov 16, 2013

As long as your AIRAVE® Access Point has been activated in the Sprint billing system, your AIRAVE will program automatically when connected to a working Internet connection.

To program your AIRAVE:

  1. Disconnect the power from all devices on your network, including your cable or DSL modem.
  2. Place your AIRAVE close to a window and in a central location. For best results, place it in an elevated location, such as the top of a bookshelf or tall cabinet.
  3. Connect one end of the yellow Ethernet cable to an open LAN port on your broadband modem.
  4. Connect the other end of the yellow Ethernet cable to your AIRAVE's yellow WAN port. Note: Additional devices, such as a computer or a router, should be connected to the AIRAVE's LAN port.
  5. Connect the appropriate power cable to your cable or DSL modem. Important: Wait about 2 minutes for the cable or DSL modem to start up before continuing.
  6. Plug the power supply connector into the black power port on your AIRAVE.
  7. Connect the power cord into the power supply and then plug the other end into an available electrical outlet.
  8. After installing and turning on the AIRAVE for the first time, it will go through an automated setup sequence. During this time, the LEDs will change color. This process may take up to 2 hours.
  9. When the Broadband, GPS and Mobile LEDs are solid green, your AIRAVE is ready to use.

Note: You will hear 3 beeps at the beginning of each call made or received through your AIRAVE.

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