Program your AirCard 595U by Sierra Wireless

Last Updated: Nov 18, 2013

There are three parts to programming and activating your Sierra Wireless AirCard 595U:

  1. Install the Sprint Connection Manager
  2. Install the Sierra Wireless AirCard 595U Drivers
  3. Card activation and provisioning
    Note: Do not connect the AirCard 595U to your computer until the Connection Manager Software is installed on your computer.

Install the Sprint Connection Manager

  1. Delete or uninstall any pre-existing modem or dialer software from your computer.
  2. Quit all open applications.
  3. Insert the installation CD into the CD-ROM.
    NOTE: If the CD does not autorun, from the Start menu, click Run. From the Run dialog box, in the Open text box, enter d:SCMInstaller.exe, where d is the drive letter of the CD-ROM.
  4. From the Welcome to the Install Shield Wizard screen, click Next.
  5. From the License Agreement screen, click I accept.
  6. Click Next.
  7. From the Ready to Install the Program screen, click Install.
  8. Click Finish.
    NOTE: For Windows 2000, it may be necessary to manually restart the computer. To restart, select Start > Shutdown > Restart.

Install the Sierra Wireless AirCard 595U Drivers

  1. From the Windows desktop, double-click the Connection Manager icon.
  2. Insert the battery into the AirCard 595U.
    • Slide the front panel off of the AirCard 595U.
    • Hold the battery so the side with two white arrows faces up and the gold contact points on the end of the battery line up with the gold contact points on the AirCard 595U.
    • Insert the battery into the AirCard 595U and replace the cover.
  3. Connect the AirCard 595U to the computer.
    • Slide the lever on the bottom of the AirCard 595U in the direction indicated by the triangle to release the USB connector.
    • Adjust the USB connector to approximately a 90 degree angle.
    • Insert the AirCard 595U into a USB slot.
  4. Windows detects the AirCard 595U and installs the corresponding drivers on your computer. NOTE: The driver installation process may take a few minutes. Once completed, Sprint Connection Manager will display Disconnected.
  5. If you purchased a pre-activated Sprint Connection Card, the card is ready for use. Simply click Go. If you did not purchase a pre-activated Sprint Connection Card, continue with card activation and provisioning.

Card activation and provisioning

After the software and driver installation are complete, the software will detect the characteristics of the card and launch the activation wizard, if it has not been activated.

NOTE: If you close the Activation Wizard before finishing the activation process, it can be found within the Connection Manager. From the Menu drop-down menu, select Settings, and then click Sprint Vision - Sierra Wireless. Click Activation Wizard.

To activate and provision your card:

  1. If the One-Touch Activation dialog box appears, continue with Step 2. If the One-Touch Activation dialog box does not appear, proceed to Step 3.
  2. From the One-Touch Activation dialog box, click Yes.
    NOTE: After selecting Yes, wait a few moments. During this time, Sprint Mobile Broadband may display the message Preparing Services followed by Please wait. Once the activation process completes, Sprint Mobile Broadband displays Disconnected, which is the default Ready-to-Connect state for the AirCard 595U. Expect to wait up to four hours for your AirCard 595U to be ready for regular use.
  3. From the Activation Wizard dialog box, click Next.
  4. In the Activation Code text box, enter your Secondary 6-digit code or One-Time Keypad Subsidy Lock (OTKSL) code.
  5. Click Next.
  6. From the confirmation window, click YES.
  7. Click Finish.

NOTE: Provisioning will start immediately after activation. Expect to wait up to four hours for your device to begin working. If the provisioning process does not complete within five hours, contact us.

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