Program your BlackBerry Curve 3G smartphone

Last Updated: Nov 16, 2013

Hands-Free Activation

The BlackBerry® Curve™ 3G smartphone is designed to program itself automatically when it is first turned on.

  1. Turn your phone On by pressing and holding the Power key located on the front panel of the phone
  2. Press the Menu button
  3. Click Open Tray
  4. Scroll to Manage Connections icon and press the trackpad
  5. Make sure Mobile Network is On by verifying the check box is selected Note: If no check mark is displayed, scroll to Mobile Network, and then press the trackpad. The check box will be selected and the service will be turned on.
  6. Hands-free activation will begin
  7. When activation is completed, 1XEV appears in the upper right of the screen and the phone is ready to use; confirm the phone is working by making a phone call
  8. If the phone is not working, continue with the One-Touch Programming steps

One-Touch Programming

If your phone did not activate successfully when you turned it on for the first time:

  1. Press the Menu button
  2. Click Open Tray
  3. Select the Manage Connections icon and press the trackpad
  4. Scroll to Mobile Network and press the trackpad; a check mark will appear next to Mobile Network and 1XEV will display in the upper right of the screen by the coverage bars
  5. Scroll to the Options icon and press the trackpad
  6. Scroll to Networks and Connections and press the trackpad
  7. Select Mobile Network and press the trackpad
  8. Press the Menu button
  9. Scroll to Update Profile, press the trackpad and the phone will start the activation process
  10. When activation is completed, press OK and 1XEV should appear in the upper right of the screen; confirm the phone is working by making a phone call

If the phone is still not working, please contact us.

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