Program your Dell Inspiron Mini 10 (1012)

Last Updated: Oct 30, 2015

Hands-Free Programming

As long as your data plan subscription has been established in the Sprint billing system, you can simply follow these instructions to install the software and activate your Dell™ Inspiron™ Mini 10 (1012).

  1. Press the Power button to turn on your Dell Netbook and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the Dell setup wizard
  2. After computer set up is complete, a One Touch Activation prompt will appear; click Yes
  3. Sprint SmartView will run in the background, and you will receive a The device is now programmed. Do you wish to connect? Prompt; click Yes
  4. Click the Sprint SmartView icon on the Desktop to see the SmartView main window
  5. If not already connected, click Connect to launch a 3G Sprint Mobile Broadband connection
  6. In Sprint SmartView, you can click the Switch to 4G button to disconnect from the 3G network and search for the 4G network (and vice versa to reconnect to 3G)
  7. After clicking Switch to 4G, if you are in 4G coverage, Sprint SmartView will display Searching for Networks, followed by Ready: Sprint 4G and you can click Connect

Note: Make sure Sprint SmartView is up-to-date with all of the latest enhancements:

  1. While connected to the Sprint Network, go to the Sprint SmartView menu
  2. Click Tools > Check for application updates now
  3. Accept and install updates

Note: If you have problems activating your Dell Netbook, in Sprint SmartView, go to Tools, then select Update data profile, and click OK on the update notification window. This will send a service update to your device.

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