Program your Express Mobile Hotspot from Sprint

Last Updated: Nov 16, 2013

Note: As long as your data plan subscription and electronic serial number (ESN) have been established in the Sprint billing system, your Express Mobile Hotspot will activate automatically when it is turned on and connected to a Wi-Fi capable computer.

System Requirements

To install and use the Express Mobile Hotspot, you must have a:

  • Wi-Fi capable computer
  • Web browser

Installation and Activation

Note: Installation and activation may require you to be logged in with administrative privileges.

  1. Make note of your ESN, printed under the battery
  2. Install the battery and fully charge your Express Mobile Hotspot before moving forward
  3. Once fully charged, turn the device on by pressing and holding the Power button for 2 – 3 seconds. The LED screen will light up and display the Sprint logo.
  4. Your Express Mobile Hotspot will automatically start the activation process. Wait 5 minutes for activation to complete.
  5. The Express Mobile Hotspot will automatically power cycle when activation is complete
  6. Now use your normal Wi-Fi manager on your computer to connect to the Hotspot. (o Steps may vary slightly with different Wi-Fi managers.
    • On the Express Hotspot, quickly press the WLAN / Wi-Fi button twice (next to the power button). This will display the SSID (Wi-Fi network name, typically Sprint_EC5072_xxx) and network password.
    • Locate and select the appropriate network within the available wireless networks from your computer Wi-Fi manager and click Connect.
  7. Activation is complete, and you can start browsing the Internet. Your Express Mobile Hotspot will automatically select the best connection available (3G or 4G).

Note: To access and change security and other settings, while connected to the Internet using your Express Mobile Hotspot, type in your browser's address bar (be sure to type the http:// part of the address to ensure you go to the correct page). To log in, enter the password (default is password).

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