Program your Samsung Intrepid

Last Updated: Nov 18, 2013

The Samsung Intrepid™ is designed to program itself automatically when it is first turned on. You can confirm that the programming has completed successfully by making a phone call from your phone. Entering the correct Mobile Directory Number (MDN) and Mobile Station Identification Number (MSID) is crucial to allow for correct network authentication. NOTE: When entering your MSID, do not include the initial five zeros that are provided.

One-Touch Programming

  1. Update Data Profile on your phone by completing the steps below:

  2. The phone will display the following message for approximately two minutes while programming is in progress:

  3. Once activation is complete, you will see the following message: Your device has been activated! Tap the screen to continue.
  4. If the phone doesn't automatically turn off and on, turn the phone off and on.
  5. Confirm that voice and data services are working by using your phone.
  6. Launch the Web browser.
  7. This completes the programming of your Vision services. If you are still unable to use Vision, or if you see the message Update Profile Unsuccessful, go to Manual Programming Steps.

Manual Programming Steps

You can use these programming instructions if you have a new phone or a used phone activated by a previous owner, and you have completed the Activate your new phone process in My Sprint. If so, you should refer to the page you printed showing the codes you need for these instructions to work.

  1. Find the ESN on your phone. The ESN can be found in two places:
    • Barcode sticker on the end of the original box (labeled ESN-DEC).
    • Barcode sticker under the battery.
  2. Press and hold the Power/Lock key on the side of the phone to turn the phone on.

  3. Verify that the screen shows Date and Time.
  4. Press the Talk key on the front of the phone on the left hand side directly below the left Soft key.
  5. The Phone screen will be displayed.
  6. Touch the left Soft key to display the Keypad.

  7. Press ## followed by the 6-digit One Time Keypad Subsidy Lock (OTKSL)code or secondary 6-digit code, followed by an additional #.


    • Example: ##123456#
      • The last # entered will not show on the display.
      • The Device Programming screen will be displayed, highlighted on View.
    • Important: Handle the MSL with extreme caution.
    • Important: The OTKSL will only work one time.
      • If the OTKSL fails, this is an indication that the programming may have already been performed.
  8. The ServiceCode screen will be displayed enter the secondary 6-digit code number, and touch OK.

  9. The ServiceMenu screen will be displayed. Scroll down and highlight Edit and press the Enter/Settings key (in the center of the phone).

  10. The Phone Number (MDN) screen displays. Enter the 10-digit Phone Number (MDN) using the Keyboard key then press the Enter/Settings key (in the center of the device).

  11. Enter MSID screen displays. Note: Entering the numbers clears out any numbers currently in the phone.
  12. Enter the 10-digit MSID using the Keyboard key then press the Enter/Settings key (in the center of the device).

  13. Scroll down and highlight Done and press the Enter/Settings key (in the center of the device).

  14. The phone power-cycles and the orange Windows start-up screen will be displayed.

NOTE: It can take up to 4 hours to complete the activation process and for your phone to begin working. If the provisioning process does not complete within 5 hours, contact us.

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