Program your Samsung Reclaim

Last Updated: Nov 18, 2013

You can use these programming instructions if you have a new phone or a used phone activated by a previous owner, and you have completed the Activate your new phone process in My Sprint. If so, you should refer to the page you printed showing the codes you need for these instructions to work.

Hands-free activation

If you haven't already, turn on the phone. You will see the message, Hands Free Activation, Contacting network. Once activation is complete, you will see the notification, Your device has been activated! Press the softkey to select OK. The phone is now ready for use to make voice and data calls.

NOTE: If hands-free activation fails, go to One-touch programming.

One-touch programming

To program the phone using one-touch programming:

  1. If the phone is off, turn it on.
  2. Press the Menu/OK button to open the main menu.
  3. Use the navigation keys to select the Web option.
  4. Press the Menu/OK button to launch the Web browser. The voice and data services on the phone will be programmed. When complete, the phone will show a message indicating that is was programmed successfully.
  5. Press the softkey to select OK. The Web browser launches. This completes the programming of the voice and data services, and the phone is now ready for use to make voice and data calls.

NOTE: If one-touch programming fails, go to Manual programming.

Manual programming

To manually program the device:

  1. Press ## followed by the six-digit code, followed by an additional #. (For example, if the six-digit code were 123456, you would enter ##123456#.)
  2. On the Service Program screen, scroll down to Edit and press Menu/OK.
  3. On the Enter MDN screen, enter the MDN and press Menu/OK.
  4. On the Enter MSID screen, enter the 10-digit MSID. The device will return to the Service Program screen. NOTE: Entering the numbers will clear out any numbers that are currently in the phone.
  5. Scroll down to Done and press the Menu/OK key. The phone will turn off and turn back on and voice programming is complete.
  6. To ensure that programming was successful, wait an hour and then try to open the Web browser.

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